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Be A Model Or Just Look Like One – Do You Have the MK Factor?

Dear Consultants/Directors,

Please use the following scripts when calling and booking your appointments. Practice in the mirror, when these words are "your" words, you are ready! Call as soon as you are able to call after the Trade Show event.


Hi there, My name is____________________________, I'm a Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics. You put your name in our ticket draw at _________________________________, Trade Show. I'm SO excited to let you know that WE drew your Name!! You have won YOUR CHOICE of a Satin Hands Treatment, OR a Complete Facial Makeover appointment!! Which appointment would you choose between the two

What time of the day would be best for you to receive your FREE appointment.. would it be afternoon or Evening? Early in the week, or later on? You are welcome to invite a friend to share your appointment with also, if you like..(Then set up the date & time)

If I could ask you a few questions about your skin type that would really help me in my preparation for your appt?  Is now a good time..it will just take a few minutes..(Then do the profile)(Also ask if they want to invite a friend, and if so, what is the friends name & number, or you can ask her to have the friend call you.. whatever feels right) I am a professional Consultant with Mary Kay, and I will be there rain or shine. If something happens to me, and I cannot be there, I will send someone as good as I am, or better to do your appointment. Please let me know if for any reason, you need to change our appointment 2 days ahead..I would appreciate it.

Good bye_________________(name of lady)..I look forward to meeting you on __________________(date & time)

Balance in Life Goal Setting Sheet


  • Choose a power partner, or work it on your own. Under each category of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental, write your daily goal you must achieve each day. You choose 2 in each category. As you do them each day, you get to check off with a nice check mark that you did it, but not until you've done it!!
  • Learning Centre is for learning something new. Its always good to be "on the grow", so give yourself a check mark if each day you learn something new.
  • For each check mark is a point. Add up your points each day. At the bottom you will see total points this week, total points last week, and goal for next week. This way you can see your progression.
  • When working with a power partner, whoever at the end of a month has the most points wins. Truly you both win by doing your best.
  • Spiritual may be your daily prayer, or to read, or spending time with someone lonely, or reading to someone who can't see, whatever you perceive spiritual to be. Remember being in service is the greatest station you can achieve, and considered very spiritual.
  • Emotional is anything that keeps you emotionally stable. It doesn't have to be a thing that takes a long time, just 15 minutes read, or 15 minutes to brainstorm with a brilliant friend, whatever assists you to be healthy.
  • Physical is your exercise, your daily walk, your water intake, using your fit bit and reaching a goal, whatever keeps you at your best.
  • Mental is your work, one box may be to work 6 hours per day, and the second choice is booking 5 new every day. It’s your choice, but you're getting a check mark out of it when you accomplish it, and not before.
  • Having a power buddy makes it fun. Enjoy being whole from within yourself and be the best you, you can be.

I believe in you..

Love Renee

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