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Be A Model Or Just Look Like One – Do You Have the MK Factor?

Get the customer excited about the appointment plus pre-profile and you’ll have more appointments that will hold.  Here’s the dialogue that I use to make this happen…


When I book her….”Hi ________ my name is _________and you entered your name in a Mary Kay Cosmetics draw at ________. Do you remember?  I’m calling to let you know that you have a complimentary Mary Kay pamper session coming to you, and that means a hand treatment we call Satin Hands, a facial with our newest skin care products and a fun color makeover!  Have you ever tried Mary Kay?  It takes about 45min to an hour and I come to see you so you don’t have to go anywhere, or if you prefer I have an office in my home and we can do it here.  Do you work Mon – Fri 9-5? Would you prefer doing it in the morning or the afternoon?


Now, I do this in one of 2 ways, we can do it just you and I one on one, or you can choose to invite a friend and she’ll receive the same free pamper session that you get.  Plus I’ll give you a sample sized hand cream just for inviting her and introducing me to one of your friends. (If she says, yes I have a friend to invite then I’ll add…) Tell you what, if you have 2 friends instead of 1 but no more than 5, you’ll receive a really nice gift and possibly some free products!” (You can drop off or mail the hostess pack after)


“To make it faster and so I’ll know just what to bring, I’d like to ask you a couple of quick questions about your skin, do you have one more quick minute?”  (Ask questions 2, 3 and 4 on the customer profile then ask is she usually wears pinky/plum or peachy/brown lipsticks – this will tell you if she prefers cool or warm colors)  (Then, ask if she likes her lipsticks light or dark, also ask if she likes color on her eyes or she prefers neutrals like browns, and lastly ask her if she wears mostly cool or warm clothing colors) This will give you the opportunity to pre-select the colors.  It makes is so easy, fast and it will get her interested in what you will be doing with her so there will be less of a chance she will cancel or postpone.


“Will you be inviting your friends in the next 2 days?  Would it be Ok if I ask them the same questions I asked you so I can pre-select their looks?  What if I call you to get their numbers in two days? Great!  We’re going to have fun!”


Calling the guests…”Hi _______this is ______ the consultant that is doing ____’s Mary Kay class on Tuesday night.  Did she tell you I was going to call?  Great, I just wanted to ask you a few questions about your skin, do you have a quick minute?” (Ask her the same questions).  Then say  “We’re going to have so much fun, your skin will look and feel beautiful, not to mention your hands will be sooo soft!  We’re going to start right at 7:30 and I’ll be there at 7:15 so I can meet you and get the rest of your profile filled out.  I’ll also have products with me that night so if you like anything you can take it home with you right away!  Thanks for your time and we’ll see you Tuesday!


Believe me, spending this small amount of extra time doing this will make a huge difference as to how many facials and classes stay on your books, not to mention guests arriving on time with their wallets!  Work Smart not Hard!

Balance in Life Goal Setting Sheet


  • Choose a power partner, or work it on your own. Under each category of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental, write your daily goal you must achieve each day. You choose 2 in each category. As you do them each day, you get to check off with a nice check mark that you did it, but not until you've done it!!
  • Learning Centre is for learning something new. Its always good to be "on the grow", so give yourself a check mark if each day you learn something new.
  • For each check mark is a point. Add up your points each day. At the bottom you will see total points this week, total points last week, and goal for next week. This way you can see your progression.
  • When working with a power partner, whoever at the end of a month has the most points wins. Truly you both win by doing your best.
  • Spiritual may be your daily prayer, or to read, or spending time with someone lonely, or reading to someone who can't see, whatever you perceive spiritual to be. Remember being in service is the greatest station you can achieve, and considered very spiritual.
  • Emotional is anything that keeps you emotionally stable. It doesn't have to be a thing that takes a long time, just 15 minutes read, or 15 minutes to brainstorm with a brilliant friend, whatever assists you to be healthy.
  • Physical is your exercise, your daily walk, your water intake, using your fit bit and reaching a goal, whatever keeps you at your best.
  • Mental is your work, one box may be to work 6 hours per day, and the second choice is booking 5 new every day. It’s your choice, but you're getting a check mark out of it when you accomplish it, and not before.
  • Having a power buddy makes it fun. Enjoy being whole from within yourself and be the best you, you can be.

I believe in you..

Love Renee

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