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Be A Model Or Just Look Like One – Do You Have the MK Factor?

Do You love the Mary Kay Product - but would love to get a BIG DISCOUNT?  Then this is for you.  If you are not interested at this point in actively selling, then please read on.



  • You love the product and would love to get a deal!
  • Similar to a Costco Membership card - $50 gives you a great discount.
  • The difference with Mary Kay - it's a one time charge.
  • The $50.00 kit gives you samples, business related items and supplies, and your membership card.


The Catch:

  • You have to place a minimum $400 retail order ONCE a YEAR (from the date of signing your Membership agreement).
  • This will cost you $200.00 (+ tax and shipping on the $ 400 retail order).
  • You can place as many orders as you like throughout the year, as long as each order is a minimum of $400 retail.  In order to keep your ordering privileges, you need only place one order per year if that's all you require.


The Benefits:

  • You are getting your items at half price (50% discount!)
  • You receive publications previewing new products from the Company.
  • You are my special customer and you will receive a book every quarter with samples, as well as a monthly newsletter that will give you additional product information, beauty tips, and invitations to upcoming events.
  • Once you have your Membership card and Consultant Number, you can order directly on-line at and preview all products - it's that easy!
  • If you need help - I'm here to help you!


One step further "The Girlfriends Club"

  • Introduce the product to a few girlfriends.
  • If they add to your order and pay full price you end up getting yours for free - here's how it works: On $85 basic skin care - by 1 friend paying full price + tax this will actually buy you two skin care sets – one for her and one for you.
  • When they are paying full price - you are getting yours for FREE!
  • If you give them a 20% discount then you will get yours for an even better than 50% discount - a WIN- WIN situation for you and your girlfriends.
  • We ask that you honor the Golden Rule, by including only those women who are not current customers of another Mary Kay Beauty consultant.


You always have the opportunity to go further and make it a successful business with all the guidance and support you require, or you can stick with your Girlfriend Club – either way, you will always get your product at wholesale prices.



Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay


Go on line at www.marykay.ca and see all that Mary Kay has to offer.

Balance in Life Goal Setting Sheet


  • Choose a power partner, or work it on your own. Under each category of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental, write your daily goal you must achieve each day. You choose 2 in each category. As you do them each day, you get to check off with a nice check mark that you did it, but not until you've done it!!
  • Learning Centre is for learning something new. Its always good to be "on the grow", so give yourself a check mark if each day you learn something new.
  • For each check mark is a point. Add up your points each day. At the bottom you will see total points this week, total points last week, and goal for next week. This way you can see your progression.
  • When working with a power partner, whoever at the end of a month has the most points wins. Truly you both win by doing your best.
  • Spiritual may be your daily prayer, or to read, or spending time with someone lonely, or reading to someone who can't see, whatever you perceive spiritual to be. Remember being in service is the greatest station you can achieve, and considered very spiritual.
  • Emotional is anything that keeps you emotionally stable. It doesn't have to be a thing that takes a long time, just 15 minutes read, or 15 minutes to brainstorm with a brilliant friend, whatever assists you to be healthy.
  • Physical is your exercise, your daily walk, your water intake, using your fit bit and reaching a goal, whatever keeps you at your best.
  • Mental is your work, one box may be to work 6 hours per day, and the second choice is booking 5 new every day. It’s your choice, but you're getting a check mark out of it when you accomplish it, and not before.
  • Having a power buddy makes it fun. Enjoy being whole from within yourself and be the best you, you can be.

I believe in you..

Love Renee

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