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Be A Model Or Just Look Like One – Do You Have the MK Factor?

Here's a little quiz for you, consultants. Which of these 6 Success "secrets" characterize you? Which one(s) will you now cultivate? I agree with this lady 100%! Dedicated to YOUR success.


My 6 Secrets to Success

I became a Director in Qualification within 6 months of joining Mary Kay. I was not a top sales Consultant during that time. I was not a big star in my Unit. But I did move quickly up the ladder to Directorship. Here are my 6 Secrets to Success as a new Beauty Consultant:


1. I HAD A BOUNCE BACK QUALITY; RESILIENCE. I have always believed that some good comes from everything. I looked for the good in each facial, interview, Class. My ATTITUDE was good and I kept a good sense of humor.


2. I TURNED THE NEGATIVE INTO POSITIVE IMMEDIATELY. For example, when something canceled at the last moment, I made sure I did something positive right at that moment to take its place.


****PLEASE NOTE the difference between #1 and #2...the first is the positive attitude I had, and the second what I did about it; the action I took.


3. I PLAYED THE GAMES. I won everything! I allowed the child in me to come out. Very few of us are $$$ motivated. Why think you should be? The little things we do turn into the big successes in our business.


4. I WORKED WITH MY DIRECTOR. I called her to crow; I called her to cry. I called her for advice and to brainstorm an idea. I never doubted that she cared for me and my success. We talked every few days. She was my mentor.


5. I HAD A SENSE OF URGENCY. I did immediately what I knew was right to do. Procrastination is not your friend. The task is not done until you finish it! I did what my Director told me to do.....the minute I hung up the phone!


6. I NEVER QUIT! I worked until the last moment of the last hour of the last day for every goal I set. It didn't matter whether I reached the goal....I KNEW I DID MY BEST.


Follow these guidelines. Be committed. Give your best effort. Work your business EVERY day

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