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Be A Model Or Just Look Like One – Do You Have the MK Factor?

Independent Sales Director Carolyn Jerry of Harbor City, Calif., tells her unit, “I think we all would agree it’s important to grow our Mary Kay business every day. This calls for some creativity! You can grow your business even when you feel you have no time.” Here are some ideas to consider:


1. Continue to conversationally book everywhere you go. Along with this, you will want to look the Mary Kay part, even if you have no appointments, so you will be prepared to talk to everyone, as you make these routing stops:


  • The grocery store
  • The post office
  • The doctor's office


2. Some non-routine, fun places to meet people might be:

  • Join a networking group. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce for a list of these groups.
  • Offer to share makeup tips at a diet center. Most centers have classes for their customers and would welcome the opportunity to have a ‘guest speaker’ talk about image!
  • Offer to do a fundraiser using Mary Kay® products at your child’s school or Girl Scout troop. You could schedule classes that are designated fundraisers and parents could sign up to indicate which class they will attend.Share a booth with sister Independent Beauty Consultants at a health fair where the focus might be on skin care and skin cancer prevention.
  • Share a booth with a sister Beauty Consultant at a bridal fair where the focus might be on skin care and color coordination for the entire wedding party, including moms and grandmothers!


Finally, remember always to keep some of your Mary Kay business cards, brochures and product samples in your purse ready to give!

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