Ladies Appreciation Day Events..
AKA..Never be out of Bookings Again!

What you need ..

  • Print off the “In the event that you win a free complete facial makeover" etc..make as many as you need. I suggest pink paper..Then punch a hole into the right hand corner of the gets fastened onto each rose)
  • Also print off my Draw card for Ladies to enter our draw, again on Mine has a place for “Their profession”, as well as a few other well thought out questions, and you cn book more readily with this information.
  • Long stemmed soft pink roses..can be ordered from Costco..24 for $21.99
  • Water picks for flowers..look online..I got them for 12 cents 1000 at a time.
  • Uline- call 1 -800-295-5510 (its in Canada, so no duty) ..1 Roll 5” x 1000’ Polypropylene Tubing ($94) wraps 600 or more roses!! It’s easy, (a lot easier than wrapping cellophane) 
  • Curly ribbon

Wrap the coupon with the ribbon just below the rose head..The coupon offers the lady $20 in FREE MK Product, if she wins a complete facial makeover..Every one wins!

Wrap the roses, and be sure to put plant food in the water and fill the water picks with the plant food/water. Follow the instructions on the plant comes with the roses.

After you are done wrapping

  • Stand your flowers in a bucket, and put them in a cool, but not hot or cold place in your home until you are ready.
  • Call your favorite high end restaurants, (Mom & Pop restaurants, or individually owned restaurants are best, not chain..) fitness centers, golf courses(when in season), bowling alleys, ski clubs, or cultural centers, and ask for the manager.
  • Tell him who you are, that you represent MK Canada, and that you are sweeping across the province doing “Ladies Appreciation Days” in celebration of all women”. You offer their establishment this event at “no cost” to them.
  • Ask them if you can come down in person, and meet them for a few minutes and share the facts of your event.
  • Put your Million dollar suit on, be on time, and professional. Be very cognizant of time.
  • Ask what time is best for them for you to drop by for a few minutes. Look at the restaurant, and find a place in the sitting area or lobby, and ask them if they have a Bar table ( its higher and easier for ladies to fill their name into the draw ) if they have it, 2 chairs, and that’s it!
  • Then you explain to the Restaurant owner your event. Tell him/her that you briefly meet their customers and offer them a rose and a chance to put their name in your draw.
  • You are developing relationships with businesses, and like to hon0r women at the same time and meet the community....”You say…On behalf of David’s restaurant, and Mary Kay, we’re honoring women today with this Ladies Appreciation Event”. You then offer them their long stemmed rose, and also say..”If you would like to put your name in our Draw, we are drawing for a “Full sized Satin Hands set with Mary Kay.”

Remember to

  • Be brief with the clients..stay out of the way..Do not be obtrusive. Be grateful, and very appreciative of all staff and servers. Take one consultant with you, teach her how to do this. Teach her how to follow up and book. I personally pay for everything the first time I take a new consultant out. She then purchases all the above and holds them herself. She then takes her new associates with her!
  • Be sure to have your Full sized no- fragrance satin hands on the draw table along with a nice bag behind it, to show it off..

What you put into the lives of others come back ten fold!

For Directors…I do these events with brand new consultants and teach them how to do it! I pay for everything the first time around, and then they go on to book and do events themselves, and purchase all the tools. If you are driving a Mary Kay car, park it strategically so that the patrons of the restaurant can see it. Some of my new consultants I met, through them being a recipient at a previous Ladies Appreciation Day! Teach your consultants how to book these draw tickets well, and follow up with them. There is no reason why anyone should ever be out of business with this type of event. I like it better than trade shows, or welcome wagon. You establish a repor with the restaurant, or place of business, and go back time and time again..All the best…I know you can do it!

Love Renee