In the beginning, I didn't believe I could do anything right.  My high school principal even branded me a rebel, at 15, who would never amount to anything!


I felt very insecure, but I thought I'd finally made it in 1978 when I started producing television commercials for a department store.  I was eager to advance.  Instead, I ran full-speed into the glass ceiling that limits women.


That's when I accepted a friend's invitation to find out about the Mary Kay business opportunity.


Success came quickly for me, thanks to a wonderful mentor.  She believed in me before I believed in myself.  Within a year, I earned my first Cadillac and debuted as a record-setting Sales Director.


My earnings quickly climbed and so did my confidence.  I discovered my place.  I provided to myself that I could not only do something -- but to it right!


And my life has been enriched tenfold by helping other women reach their own goals.


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Interviewed for the December 2002 Applause Magazine

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