Renee Daras, SR. National Director, Mary Kay, Canada welcomes you!


Directors, use this questionnaire to assist your consultants, with their sales, and their team building





The next "Evening of the Stars" will be held on July 27th, at SEMINAR IN MISSISSUAGA,  "A Pizza with Pizzaz" Night, where all participants at Seminar are welcome to attend!  


We will once again honor our "Star Consultants" from the April - June quarter, and we will do a draw for our Famous "Barbie" for those of you who did your star status for the quarter AND had 3 new personal associates who did a min of $600 wholesale, in the April - June quarter! 


This event in held in our beautiful executive suite at the Marriott Airport Hotel, in Toronto!  PLEASE BRING YOUR HUSBANDS AND LET THEM SEE THIS AMAZING 4 DAY EVENT AND GET THE BIG PICTURE OF OUR CAREER PATH!  

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Renee Daras
Sr. National Sales Director


Tarra Keller
Sales Director


Vaun Gramatovich
Sr. Sales Director


Shannon Hornbacher
Future Ex. Sr. Sales Director

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